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Creative Futures 7th March

Creative Futures 2013

Beyond the creative to the business end of things

Gary Edwards

The session looked at the commercial end of the creative industry and how Gary Edwards who is not creative set up a successful business working with every level of business from from The Holt Lodge in Wrexham to The Queen and London 2012. Also the power of co-operation- working closely with would be competitors. Gary Edwards left school qualified and worked as an engineer for seven years. He then entered the world of selling, climbed the ladder of success and opened a number of of 'Mortgage Advice Shop' branches, which he then sold. He moved into the IT industry where he held senior roles from UK sales and Channel Manager for Tobit Software working with Virgin and Redbull, to Sales and Marketing Director for Synergy Technology working with Manchester City FC. He eventually opened Digitalissue in 2008.

 I went to this talk because I thought it would be interesting to see what the business end of thing is like as I don't have much knowledge of business. It was good to see how a business operates and what Gary Edwards' business- Digitalissue does. At the moment I'm not wanting to set-up my own business after I graduate, however I may do later in life so this talk about running a business will come in handy.

Getting that job

Sarah Kirk and Nouran Al-Jandali- BBC Wales

In this session I leaned about working for the BBC and what they have to offer such as trainee schemes. I got in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process and how best to sell yourself  to potential employers with an aim to securing employment. Below is what was discussed: 

Working at the BBC- How do I get a job at the BBC?
Ways to start your career at the BBC
1. Work experience
2. Trainee Schemes
3. Jobs

Work Experience
The BBC provides more than 1,700 work experience opportunities ever year, right across the organisation: from radio to online to business and finance. 
Treat your application like a job application.
For every application, you will need to demonstrate that you have an interest or passion for your chosen placement.

Trainee Schemes
BBC offers a number of trainee schemes including: Production Trainee Scheme (PTS), Journalism Trainee Scheme (JTS), Extend etc.
Many of the BBC's trainee schemes do offer a salary.
Each of the trainee schemes has a fixed recruitment window, which is on the website.

All BBC jobs have a job description
Read and understand
Apply only if you meet the criteria 
Focus your efforts
Register for job alerts

Types of Interview/Assessments
Competency based/behavioural
Telephone/face to face
Written exercise (e.g. case study)
Verbal exercise (e.g. role play/presentation)
Psychometric assessment (e.g personality assessment)

Top tips
Tailor application
Egs to back up stills & experience
Stay connected

I thought this session was really useful as I din't know about trainee schemes they had on offer as they would be a great opportunity for me. In the session we also watched a short video which interviewed people on work experience and trainee schemes. The interviewee's shared their thoughts, experiences and achievements through working for the BBC and trainee schemes. I liked being able to see what other people had done and what they got out of it. It was defiantly worth while going to this session to learn about what the BBC has to offer, not just jobs. 

Taking hold of your own destiny!

Louise Barlow with Dan Cavender

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