Thursday, 31 January 2013

4Minute- Volume Up mv

4Minute's Volume Up music video is probably on of the greatest music videos I've ever watched. The video has a gothic set with a vampiric feel. I loved the video, thought it has been cleverly been edited. For example the camera pans, range of camera angle, the fast paced cuts creating a climax, the beautiful set, post production effects such as HyunA's red eyes in the beginning and the flying bats, tile sequence and also the choreography had a relationship with the music. I really felt influenced by this video and really enjoyed watching it because it's quite different from English music videos. I like K-Pop music videos as they are so different compared to English cultured videos. I feel like K-Pop videos are more varied and English videos seem to be more club/party themed. I'd too bring more variation to English music videos.


Recently been taking exstream close up photos of eyes after being inspired by a few Instragram users that have posted pictures of eyes. In the photo below I enhanced the models natural blue eye colour as well as a galaxy image inside the eye. I found a lot of images with galaxy patterns /images on Instragram and decided to attempt my own. I'm pleased  how it turned out and will create some similar images later. All my photo's have been edited in

I also took a few other close-up shots of the face as well as the eye. I particularly like how my model is looking upwards on this photo but still I have tired to focus on the eye. The red eye was influenced after recently watching 4Minute's 'Volume Up' music video. 0:18 seconds into the video the member HyunA's eye are red which give a vampiric and haunted feel to the video. I really liked this effect and wanted to experiment with changing the eye colour in my photos. I've embeded 4Minute's Volume Up video below.